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our movie choices for over 40 years. and earned a star on the walk of fame. tonight, we remember roger fame. tonight, we remember roger ebert, the movie man. >>> whether you're camera shy or not, there's a part of everyone that longs for the spotlight, being lauded for hipness or brains or special talent. and as technology has revolutionized our ability to communicate with each other, it's also allowed us to celebrate ourselves through boastful tweets, humble brags, status updates and photos. even if no one is around to snap the shutter. we go for a closeup on selfy nation. >> reporter: celebrities do it. even oscar winners and former first ladies do it. we all do it. and not always well. >> i'm recording a video. the selfy, the digital self portrait is the corner stone of our social networking age. here's eminem at the louvre. bieber in the hospital and rhianna just about everywhere. she shared selfies with her 6.2 instagram followers. >> celebrities have a very high need for approval and ego boosts. that's probably the reason they chose to go into that field is because they have that
calls it calm. who will blink first. >>> remembering roger ebert. michael moore joins me to pay tribute to america's favorite critic who will always get two thumbs up from us. >>> plus, guns, gays and pot. america's changing its mind about a number of things at the moment. will the gop? i'll ask newt gingrich where he stands. >>> and the debate that may surprise you with outspoken unpredictable magic man, penn gillette, actor billy baldwin and conservative kelly ann conway. >>> and what the hell's going on with justin bieber? we have advice for the teen idol from someone who has been through it before, lance bass. >>> good evening. this is "piers morgan live." a lot to get through tonight. we will start of course with the rising tensions in north korea. the eyes of the world are on that region tonight, looking at the demilitarized zone, no man's land between north and south korea. we learned today that the north may be planning to launch a mobile ballistic missile, possibly in a matter of days. that's according to a u.s. official who told cnn communications intercepts the plans. u.s. of
. coming up! all in with chris hayes, next. >>> roger ebert died today at the age of 70. any who cares about movies or great writing or liberal politics or great humanism and generosity of spirit and decency is suffering a loss. we will discuss his life and legacy later in the show. first very big news you may have missed. signs of a new front opening up in the battle being fought by this country's lowest paid workers. hundreds of fast-food workers went on strike in new york city, many walking out for higher wages and in some cases the right to unionize. one in brooklyn was forced to open its doors late to open the strike. twice as many workers participated this time around. you might look at this and say, oh, that's a rally. 400 people. no big deal. let me tell you why this is remarkable. think about this a second. put yourself in the shoes of someone if you're not in the shoes of those already, put yourself in the shoes of someone making minimum wage. for instance, gregory, who participated in the strike and spoke to the "new york times." he is a driver for domino's and has a 3-year-
in somebody else's shoes. >> a look at the remarkable career of roger ebert. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> top rutgers university officials have already seen the devastating videotape showing coach mike rice not just kicking and throwing basketballs and shoving his players, but shouting anti-gay slurs and, yet, they let him off with just a three-game suspension until espn broke the story. >> this is just some of the video that led to rice's suspension. outside alliances have obtained the roughly 30-minute video reviewed by rutger officials. there are shots of rice heaving balls at players. even at their heads. which you can see better here when the tape is slowed down. >> just after he was fired by the university, rice met with reporters and offered an apology. >> i was wrong. and i want to tell everybody who's believed in me that i'm -- that i'm deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship that i've caused. >> so, what does this tell us about sports journalism and the college basketball culture? joining us now in atlanta at the site of this year's final f
tibbles updating us on the situation in fargo, north dakota, tonight. kevin, thanks. >>> roger ebert once said, "i believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization." hear, hear, roger ebert. he also told us when watching movies our emotions will never lie to us. there was genuine emotion today upon word that roger ebert had died. last night right here we were talking about him taking time off of film reviewing because of a recurrence of the cancer that he fought so bravely and so publically for so long. tonight from chicago nbc's john yang has a look back. >> i'm roger ebert of "the chicago sun times." >> reporter: he was a movie critic as famous as the movie stars he reviewed. a sought out voice on award show red carpets. >> i think it's going to win. i think it is the best movie of the year. >> reporter: roger ebert has a star on hollywood's walk of fame and was the first film critic to win a pulitzer. >> thumbs up for me. >> reporter: but it's his thumb that made him a household name. the trademark review system developed with long time co-host gene siskel. they worked for
purpose does the gentleman from michigan rise? mr. rogers: i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and add extraneous material on the bill h.r. 624. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. pursuant to house resolution 164 and rule 18, the chair declares the house in the committee of the whole house on the state of the union for further consideration of h.r. 624. would the gentleman from california, mr. denham, kindly ake the chair. the chair: the house is in the committee of the whole house on the state of the union for the further consideration of h.r. 624. which the clerk will report by title. the clerk: a bill to provide for the sharing of certain cyberthreat intelligence and cyberthreat information between the intelligence community and cybersecurity entities and for other purposes. the chair: when the committee of the whole rose on wednesday, april 17, 2013, amendment number 4 printed in house report 113-41 offered by the gentleman from rhode island, mr. langevin, had een disposed of. it's now in ord
as mike rogers from michigan, the chairman of the committee, and both came and vigorously talked about the things which re aimed at our country, cyberthreats, nation states -- nations such as china and others who are trying -- north korea -- who are trying to invade our internet here in the united states and to steal not only information and data but also thoughts, ideas and money. and so it gave us an opportunity yesterday to have a great hearing, one which was full of detail, one which really offered intrigue by our members and a lot of thought process by all those who came before the committee. however, i would like to advise, if i can, following the closing statements on the rule before us, the gentleman, mr. woodall, will be offering an amendment to the rule that seeks to address concerns with the role of civilian federal agencies in receiving the cyberinformation that would be transmitted from the private sector that is included in the underlying bill. this amendment was in negotiation yesterday and submitted for consideration for the rules committee but the final compromise was
we remember roger ebert and his contribution to film criticism with "new york times" critic a.o. scott, dana stevens of slate and film director werner herzog. >> i was called by him once a good soldier of cinema. and gave it right back and i said roger, the real good soldier of cinema, that's actually you. you are proceeding, you are holding out, an outpost that many others have abandonedment are you ti doing the tellent discourse about cinema. you are inspiring us. you are the soldier. and now you are disabled. you are the afflicted one, you are the wounded soldier. you cannot speak any more and what an outrage. >> rose: remembering thatcher and ebert when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following:. >> additional funding provided by these funders: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> margaret thatcher business an's prime minister for 11 years died today. she was 87 years old. "the new york times" wrote she was a path breaker for the moment she took office in 1979. as britain's firs
minority leader nancy pelosi. >> film critic roger ebert lost his long battle with cancer today. he was a pioneer in his field and beloved by many cinema fans. today. some of those fans laid flowers on ebert's star on the hollywood walk of fame. he will always be associated with his love of films, and for helping to coin the term. two thumbs up during his movie reviews.\ roger ebert died two days after he blogged. that he was undergoing radiation treatment for a recurrence of cancer. ebert, who was 70, was the first movie reviewer to get the pulitzer prize as a critic. >> jacqueline: the rain has ended but the fault for the north bay tomorrow. the special with the reduced visibility. with the chance of rain in the north bay. sunday, a slightly better chance of seeing rain, at every conditions and in some areas of drizzle, light rain that the radar is not picking up. however, as we take a look offshore some high cloud coverage that will impact another storm is brewing. freudberg.and however,e high cloud coverage and temperatures? mild. in the self bay upper 60s/70's. the south-bay. w
with those letters containing ricin that went to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker last week. curtis, an occasional elvis impersonator, had been arrested on charges of sending those letters, but investigators say the fbi found no evidence of ricin when they searched his home. he's been in jail since last week. today the fbi also searched a second mississippi location. the tupelo home of an man named j. everett duchky. he's an acquaintance and sometime adversary of curtis. he also says he's innocent. another incident, the defense intelligence agencies say alarms went off today at a mail facility at bolling air base here in washington indicating the possible presence of dangerous toxins. further tests found no specific package related to those alarms, so they're taking more samples. bottom line, the fbi clearly got the wrong man in the first case and whoever is sending these letters may still be out there. >> andrea mitchell with an update on that, thanks. >>> a package of budget cuts that was given the clunky name the sequester. it's as good an example as any of our broke
whats here at this table. >> back in a moment. stay with us. >> roger ebert died on thursday at the age of 70 after prolonged battle with cancer. many consider him america's most prominent and influential film critic. ebert spent 46 years reviewing move yeauxes for the chicago sun times, in 1975 he became the first film crit stock win a pulitzer prize, that same year he began debating movies with his colleague jean kiss call on a public television program that grew to in addition syndication, siskel and ebert became a television staple. their trademark thumbs up or down could erm did the fate of a movie. in 2006 cancer took away his able to eat or speak but he continued working and even wrote a memoir. he also became an active presence on twitter. last tuesday he wrote on his blog that he would be taking what he called a leave of presence. he wrote i am not going away, upon news of his death tributes flooded in from all over. directors martin score a see, steven spielberg highlighted his impact. president obama said roger was the movies. when he didn't like a film he was honest, when he
. house intelligence committee mike rogers has demanded more answer prosecutors the justice department on how this decision to read the suspects his rights was made. >> athena jones at the white house. thank you very much. remember this just here in the states. it extends all the way to russia where the tsarnaev brothers poeshgs traced their roots. susan candiotti. i want to talk about the russian angle to the bombing investigations. in the past few hours we learned that the russian government had their suspicions about the tsarnaev family. what's that about?i
biography, roger ailes, off cam alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? . >> lou: roger ais, off camera. a fascinating new book about the president of fox news. and a man president obama once called the most powerful man in amera. we agree with president obama on this, uncharacteristically. joining me now, author zev chafets. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> lou: congratulations on the book. i want to start with calling roger ailes though most powerful man in america, how close to true is it? >> you know, this came up with -- when roger went to the white house for the christmas party. he was in the reption line and, the day before somebody else had called him that in print, and, so when he got to the present, obama sauid, he's
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. legendary roger ebert has died. the word came from the "chicago sun times" newspaper. he had taken a leave of absence yesterday, was the report, on april 3rd. he announced he had cancer again and would be scaling back his movie reviews while undergoing radiation. 70 years old. said he would be take taking a leave of an sense. he had been battling cancer in this thyroid and salivary gland. he posted a lengthy essay on tuesday, and in it he says the latest cancer was discovered after a painful fracture that made it difficult for him to walk. he was hospitalized last year with a hip fracture. i'm reading all of this to you fromm sn entertainment, which had a background on this yesterday. he writes, he is not going away. instead, he says he'll write a select movie review when -- and leaving the rest of the work to a team of writers. that was yesterday. today we half just gotten word that roger ebert has died. i have more information from the "shuck sun times" it is with a heavy rather he report roger ebert has passed away. here's some background. an entire write available at sun-times. so many
for telling us it is because of violent games. my panel stays with me after the break as we remember roger ebert. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> john: the first writer to ever win a pulitzer for film criticism has died. roger ebert had more of an impact on cinema than most actors or directors could hope to achieve. his influence on films is like the big bang in that it is still expanding to this day. when he and gene siskel began hosting at the movies, they brought educated film analysis to the broadest audience ever. they did it by being entertaining. it is impossible to measure the impact this tv program had on movies, especially independent cinema. untold thousands of films that would have never been seen were able to find audiences because of roger's writing and broadcasting. he tried his hand at screen writing. and to this day beyond the valley of the dolls stands as a landmark piece of us are meyer '60s exploitation cinema. i'll never forget the shock of my classmates th
part of how we watch movies. remembering the life of roger ebert. the film critic who made thumbs up his life. >>> going past descriptions. one pharmacy chain wants to do more than just dole out drugs. it wants to treat your chronic conditions. >>> and missiles on the move. north korea's latest provocative act. >>> good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. our latest storm system is pushing off toward the east but we're not done yet. we'll talk about our chances of some weekend showers. >>> north korea has escalated threats. he has mobilized to a military launch pad. here's the latest from washington. >> reporter: as north koreans rallied and made more threats, the military took a concrete step toward war. moving a missile like this into firing position on north korea's east coast. north korean state television warning that what it called reckless u.s. nuclear threats will be smashed by cutting edge small, light nuclear strike. >> very dangerous situation. it would be laughable on the face of it, except we're not sure what this 30-year-old potential sociopath is up to. >> reporter: can north
as he tries to stop her. rogers doesn't see anyone help, so he goes over a short wall and tackles the wall. he says he's a police officer and they hand him the handcuffs to make the arrest. the video is the talk of the police department. >> i thought typical justin. he's always on duty and couldn't be prouder of him. he's always a cop. and he definitely did the right thing. >> rogers is a seven-year veteran of the force. he is the son of a retired police sergeant. when he nailed the honolulu suspect, rogers and his family were traveling back to the bay area from a vacation. after he gave police a statement, they boarded their plane on time. the tsa thanked rogers and the police department. psa joins the citizens of penole in saluting your heroic actions. >> police commander said he is not surprised at roger's actions. he says he did what is expected. he took decisive action and acted appropriately. he is expected back on the job on monday. >>> now do we know why that woman attacked a tsa agent? >> the tsa doesn't say, but they did say that she is charged with assault. >> hop
near the top of the home page. >>> legendary film critic roger ebert died today. a.j. takes a look back now. >> reporter: his quick wit and thumbs up, thumbs down movie reviews earned him fame. >> i started going to the movies when i was a child, like everybody did. my aunt would take me to the grown-up movies. i just loved movies. >> reporter: ebert began writing film reviews in the late 60's and in 1975 was the first film critic to win the pulitzer prize. he coauthored beyond the valley of the dolls. in 1976, he teamed up with a competitor, chicago tribune film critic siskel. within a few years, it was put into syndication. the show soon became their trademark. the show's title was changed to roger ebert and the movies after siskel died. and then roger ebert embraced social media, actively tweeting, never losing his voice despite battling salivary gland cancer. >> my legacy, if there is one, will have to do with supporting films that people might not have seen and supporting directors that deserve support. >>> let's take a look.
'd like to look at them and make sure they're okay. what's your name, sir? roger. who else is here, roger? my wife. what's her name? hi, pups. ( barking ) roger: rochelle? rochelle: what? roger: ...she'd stay under salvation army on a program. last time she stayed in, i think, two weeks. this time she'll probably stay in three months. this is a court-ordered...? no, it isn't. it's not? no. she's doing it to clean up. she can't do it any other way. my mom will move in with me, and we're going to move to michigan, sell the house... sutton: you got high last night at 2:00 in the morning? about 2:00, yeah. so, he went to work, and you were high watching the kids. i know, i hate it. i don't want to be like this. that's why i'm going to the salvation army. it's not court-ordered but i want to get better. but i give u.a.'s three times a week and i came up dirty this last month. i kind of understand why. here's the situation-- as far as i'm concerned, i think you should go to jail. okay, i'll go. i mean, i need to. i don't want to use. he said i had to be at the salvation army between 8:00 and
stepped in to help. >> reporter: justin rogers told me when he left oakland airport he never thought it was going to ends up like this. but when he saw that tsa agent in need of help, he decided to step in. the tsa rarely releases video but this was a rare confrontation. you can see a woman struggling with a tsa agent. police officer justin rogers saw it all. >> i was standing in front of the body scan machine and security with my shoes off getting ready to go through. >> reporter: he then heard the woman assault the agent. >> i turned back around and sure enough she was punching her. i had backed the tsa agent up against the wall continued pushing her and flaling her arms. >> you can see rogers jump over a half way. he tackled a woman and you can see him putting up his hands saying he was a police officer. >> i was scared they would think i was assaulting anybody. >> reporter: video of him going beyond the call of duty doesn't surprise fellow officers and staff. >> he is typical justin. he is always on duty and couldn't be prouder of him. >> reporter: rogers says the woman had been
with why he stepped in to help. >> reporter: justin rogers told me when he left oakland airport he never thought it was going to ends up like this. but when he saw that tsa agent in need of help, he decided to step in. the tsa rarely releases video but this was a rare confrontation. you can see a woman struggling with a tsa agent. police officer justin rogers saw it all. >> i was standing in front of the body scan machine and security with my shoes off getting ready to go through. >> reporter: he then heard the woman assault the agent. >> i turned back around and sure enough she was punching her. i had backed the tsa agent up against the wall continued pushing her and flaling her arms. >> you can see rogers jump over a half way. he tackled a woman and you can see him putting up his hands saying he was a police officer. >> i was scared they would think i was assaulting anybody. >> reporter: video of him going beyond the call of duty doesn't surprise fellow officers and staff. >> he is typical justin. he is always on duty and couldn't be prouder of him. >> reporter: rogers says the woman h
su única película, roger borges con la información . >>> qué tal les habla roger borges y bienvenidos a luces, cámara, acción, es la primera y última vez que vemo sa jenni rivera en la pantalla grande, todos lo que trabajaron con ella quedaron impresionados con su talento. a>>>aunque este fue su primer papel en la pantalla grande, su habilidad de poder transmitir sentimientos en la pantalla gde, llamó la atención de edward james olmos. >f>> ue muy impresionante. >>> gina rodríguez es la hija de jenni rivera, una joven poeta de la calle que descubre la forma de ser dj. >>> es que esas escenas fueron fuertes. >>>t an fuertesl, pero fue una bendición, ella es una persona muy bella, con un corazón muy grande. >>> las escenas más memorables fue con jenni rivera. >>> perdona, gina, no, te quiero mucho, jenni, i know. >e>> l propósito de majo es sacar a jenni rivera de la cárcel. >>> este papel me dio una familia, jenni rivera, lou diamond, edward james olmos. >>> le das gracias a dios. >>>ttodos los días. >>> y edward dice que quedó sorprendido con un acto de generosidad de jen
. how family and friends said good-bye to roger ebert today. >>> the bodies of two children have been recovered in north carolina. they were trapped when a wall of dirt fell on them. the two were recovered today from a 24-foot pit. crews arrived minutes after the accident was reported yesterday afternoon. one of their fathers had been digging there. no word on whether he had help with the project. >>> closing arguments in the trial of a rockefeller impostor charged with murdering a man in 1985. christian gerhartsreiter is charged with killing a neighborhood. he started using the name clark rockefeller. they believe he also killed his neighborhood's wife. he contends he is not a killer. >>> tickets went on sale for the rolling stones conerts next month. they will stole -- concert next month. they will be sold on their website. they plan to performance in los angeles, anaheim and las vegas. prices range from $85 to $600. get this, kid rock is trying to make his concerts more affordable, offering all tickets for 20 bucks. a few fans will be chosen t
" -- remembering roger ebert, at ward-winning, accomplished reviewer who changed the world and the way we watch movies. >> how he did his best to fight health struggles and shared his passions right up until the very end. it's friday, april 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good friday morning, everybody. roger ebert's fans far and wide expressing their condolences. that is our top story. >> also this morning what we are learning abut the prosecutor shot and killed at his home in texas saturday. the new development comes from a friend who worked at a gun shop. what that prosecutor was looking for just days before his murder. >>> later this half hour, could an amazing athlete become the first woman to join an nba team. see what sets this basketball player apart from all others and how her talent could lead to a history making move. >>> and then to the superstar support. malala yousafzai is getting from hollywood a-listers after facing the worst. malala's passion for activism just got stronger here in the u.s. in the "the skinny." >>>
the nation's best known film critic. roger egert died today, and his heroic battle with cancer coming up next. >>> samsung announced plans to open inside 1,400 best buy locations called samsung experience shops. the dedicated areas will feature samsung tvs, smart phones and other products, also offering tech support. they expect to open the shops by the end of june. >>> now trending at, a capture caught on tv. >>> the cal women's basketball team, the big send off today on campus. >>> the heaviest rain has been moved out of the bay area, but still clouds in place. we'll break down chances for showers this weekend, and also when temperatures rebound warming up nicely. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress
apparently pushes over a sign. pinole police corporal justin rogers was in line and saw the struggle. he jumped over a barrier, threw the woman to the ground and subdued her. rogers then managed to make his flight. no word on what charges, if any, the woman on the ground faces. >>> april is distracted driving awareness month throughout california and the petaluma police department was out enforcing the laws. petaluma officers ended up issuing 80 tickets for cell phone use with a minimum cost of $159. the petaluma police department suggests turning off your phone before getting behind the wheel and also mentioning in your outgoing message that you can't answer the phone while you're driving. >>> well, today's rain from this morning moving out of town. but we still have a few pop-up showers, although the clouds are beginning to break up in parts of the south bay. but over the bay itself, still a solid deck of overcast. you can see the cloud cover over the bay area. not much in the way of green showing up on the radar, reflecting the shower activity. but we do have the chance of a few sprin
weekend. >> you don't have to be a big fan of movies to know the name, roger ebert. thumbs up, thumbs down, has sadly lost his battle with cancer. he began his career reviewing movies for "the chicago-sun times." his last written words, i'll see you at the movies. john yang has more on his legendary career. >> i'm roger ebert of the chicago sun times -- >> he was a movie critic. a sought out voice. >> i think it is going to win. it is the best movie of the year. >> reporter: he has a star on the walk of fame. >> thumbs up for me. >> it's his thumb that made him a household name. the trademark review system developed with gene siskel. they worked for rival newspapers. siskel for the chicago tribune, ebert for "the chicago-sun times." their on air remarks. >> they need to be accurate to be good. >> their relationship was the source of endless fascination. >> the question was, do you like or hate each other. i said both. roger said, neither. >>> he called him the brother he never had. >> for 24 years we were on television together. for po years we fought it out on newspaper jobs. there was a
airport, justin rogers was just about to go through security to catch his flight home. >> in the airport, they have officers for that, and so i turned back around and i heard, what i thought was, you know, skin to skin contact like somebody getting punched. >> reporter: in the surveillance video you can see the woman punching the tsa agent, then put her in head lock and that's when rogers literally jumped into the action. >> i knew what i would have to do to pull her off of her because of way they were situated. i just decided to use a simple take down to move her to the ground. >> reporter: once on the ground, several other agents came to help. 43-year-old hyola was arrested and taken to the mental unit a at local hospital. after rogers provided a statement to honolulu authorities, he was able to make his flight back home. since then, the video of his airport take down has gone viral. this is the first shift for rogers after vacationing in hawaii. he said he is surprised at at attention he is getting just for stepping in to help. he was in aed withing in sacramento and that's when he st
with chinatown community development and their lottery for mary hellen rogers. hi a low lottery number. i was called in for an interview. i received a letter stating that lease signing would be january 15 -- lease signing, not move in. i was scheduled for spine surgery on that date. prior to that time i was walking with a cane or a walker. i went in and asked for reasonable accommodation to delay the lease signing and i was told i was supposed to move in on january 15 also, so one thing lead to another, and i wound up losing my place in the lottery and my apartment in mary helen rogers. that is briefly what happened. i have written testimony that is longer that goes into detail but it was a stressful, horrendous whole situation that they put me through and they wouldn't give me reasonable accommodation for the american disability act because i was having surgery on that day. >> are you finished? >> yeah. >> can i ask you some questions. have you filed at human rights commission? my understanding is they have to give you reasonable accommodation. >> no. i didn't file with the human
it takes. >>> it's a special delivery for some extraordinary volunteers. operation roger finds permanent loving homes for rescue dogs. nbc's mark potter has the story for us. >> reporter: amid the rugged beauty of tok, alaska, an important long-distance delivery is about to be made as an anxious family awaits. >> hi, guys. here's shelby. >> look at him. here you go. >> reporter: shelby's journey has taken nine days and covered more than 4,500 miles. thanks to a kind-hearted trucker named david and an animal rescue program known as "operation roger." "operation roger" was born from hurricane katrina after trucker sue weiss began to pray for all the pets who had lost their owners. >> i said, lord, what can i do? i'm just a truck driver. >> reporter: what she did was organize volunteer truckers to transport lost and abused animals to loving homes around the country. shelby a 5-year-old pekinese was rescued from an abusive home in oklahoma when an alaska family offered to adopt him, operation roger called david who loves dogs and helping people. >> shelby, come on. it's a good way that truck
charged world of professional sports. robbie rogers knows what it's like. your parents and friends and nobody knew? >> no. >> reporter: the last time rogers walked on a soccer field he too carried a secret he knew could destroy his chances to play the game that is his life. but like collins he decided he could no longer live the lie. we will be on rogers on his journey, with him as he goes home to see his family after revealing the secret he thought he would never share. robbie rogers played on soccer fields around the world. college ball, major league, the olympics. he was even good enough to go professional in england. you knew around the age of 10? >> i knew i was gay when i was 14. >> reporter: he knew he had to hide the feelings if he wanted to pursue his dreams. by the time he made it to the big leagues he was living in fear. >> just having the feeling i hope no one figures out i'm gay. if that happens you can't play. >> reporter: did you hear gay slurs in the locker room? >> all the time. i heard them hanging out with my friends in high school and everywhere. >> my biggest g
could be a bottomless pit of anger swallow them up. >>> later tonight, the death of film critic roger ebert. we look at a creative, courageous life that deserves two thumbs up and talk to his long time movie reviewing partner. >>> the words of one u.s. official, the situation does not need to get any hotter. the problem is there's a dictator with a blow torch trying to make it hotter by the hour. north korean dictator kim jong-un moving as many as two mobile missile launchers and fuel tanks to the country's east coast, closer to potential targets in south korea and japan. now, that is according to a u.s. official who says classified imaging and intercepted communications confirm it. intelligence also suggesting that pyongyang could be preparing to test a missile, maybe a flyover of japan. that move would certainly test a lot of nerves. which is why tonight even as they prepare militarily for the worst, a pentagon official tells cnn quote, we're trying to turn down the volume. in a moment we take a look at north korea's true capacity for destruction and talk with christiane amanpour an
roger cressy. live in watertown, we were listening together as kerry sanders was moved further and further back. what are you seeing? >> he is a few blocks away from here, but we are not hearing anything that he is hearing. it's quiet in this part of watertown. the helicopter that had been circling for the past few hours is no longer here. we have seen tactical units leave and others come back in. we haven't seen anything like kerry has been seeing a few blocks away from where we are standing. we don't want to give away too much because the police asked that we don't give out tactical information, but we are going on hour ten of a lockdown. people are not outside. maybe all of four or five residents come around to the area. that's very unusual whenever there is a media staging area people ask what is going on. we have seen none of that. people are heeding the warnings to stay inside. police have been going from door-to-door trying to see if they can find suspect number two, the guy in the white hat. if he is hiding out here, there is suspicion he s. the entire area of boston is
biography. roger ales off camera. the author will join us next. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i di what's in your wallet? ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just stay alive.. but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's mercedes-benz, through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >>: roger >> lou: roger ales "off camera" a new book about the president of fox news and boss here, a match that president obama called the most powerful man in america once. we agree with presidenn obama on this, uncharacteristically. joining me now, authors of. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> lou: congratulations
to the death of roger ebert. >> flowers have been delivered to ebert's star on his hollywood walk of fame. >> president obama says he captured the unique power of the movies and "the chicago sun-times" and on the internet. steven spielberg said he wrote them with passion while putting tv criticism on the map. his co-workers say he embraced 10esh8 media when cancer surgery stole his voice. >> he wasn't one of these old-school journalists who said he would keep writing on a typewriter. he loved the media. >> roger's distinguishing mark, if you will, is that his populist -- this is really something that made his criticism accessible to the whole world. >> well, his thumbs up or thumbs down will always be remembered. ebert died yesterday after a year's long battle with cancer. he was 70 years old. we'll have much more about roger ebert later on in the newscast. >>> all right. now to oklahoma where a major gas explosion has forced the evacuation of some neighborhoods. the blast sent flames shooting into the sky last night. the station is located north of oklahoma city. one employee who was on
'll zoom in. then watch the right hand side of the screen. that's where corporal justin rogers leaps over the security barrier. and immediately grabs the woman fighting with the tsa agent.and pins her to the ground. take another look. a real take down. you can see corporal rogers immediately put his hand up - and tell other security personnell he's an off duty cop. rogers was in line for security when he saw the agent struggling with the suspect. you can see his shoes are off.just wearing socks.ready for the screening. he was on his way back from vacation with his family. technically off duty - but he sure sprung into action in this case. [ male announcer ] the southwest airlines nationwide sale lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. these fares won't last long so hurry and book now, only at we are southwest. welcome aboard. >> today our smart phones are designed around applications. >> that is ceo, mark zuckerberg.. they created to new s
in our country. >> brown: and we remember roger ebert. the pulitzer-prize winning film critic known for giving movies a simple thumbs up or down, who died today. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to yo pbs atiofrom viewe like you. thank you. >> brown: there were new rumblings from north korea today, as it tried to bolster its latest threats against the u.s. by moving a missile with, quote, "considerable range" to its eastern coast. the announcement of that move came from south korea's defense minister. but he also said that the missile was not capable of reaching the united states. >> ( translated ): as i s
. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene. >> lou: roger ailes off camera a fascinating new book about the president of fox news and our boss here. a man president obama once called the most powerful man in america. we agree with president obama on this. uncharacteristically. joining me now author. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> lou: congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> lou: i want to start with calling roger aileshes the most powerful man in america, how close to true is it? >> guest: well, you know, this came up with when roger went to the white house. to the christmas party. he was in the reception line. the day before somebody else called him that. he got to president and he said the most power mavel in in america -- powerful man in america. and ronaler said i stirred that b.s. up myself. >> lou: which he might well have done. >> probably did. >> lou: also characteristic of roger to deflect and be self-deprecating. i have had privilege of working long time in business and there is no more feared executive in television news. i w
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